New Google Pixel 4a - Best Review, Comparison & Price $349 Reason To Buy (4K 60P)

This is google's brand new pixel 4a this is a budget phone that has from what most people are saying a really great camera and so this comes in at just $349 . and will come out on august 20th now it's available in just one colour and that's called just black
New Google Pixel 4a - Best Review, Comparison & Price $349 Reason To Buy (4K 60P)

What's in the box Yo get
18 W USB-C power adaptor
USB-C to USB-C cable (USB 2.0)
Quick Start Guide
Quick Switch adaptor
SIM tool kit

what we've got we'll do a size comparison, also we'll actually see what it's like as far as its pictures now this year we don't have the xl version it's just the 4a so this is a little bit smaller than i thought,  inside we have a usb-c to usb-c cable we also have an adapter that allows us to transfer our information and then we have a power brick this is the typical pixel power brick we've seen before and this supports up to 18 watt fast charging, it should be a really nice screen size the bezels look pretty small but it's got a matte plastic back to it it looks pretty good in fact it's very similar to the pixel 4 xl as you can see here's a size comparison so it's not quite as big but let's go over the outside of it and then we'll talk about the specs so on the back it's all black and then we have our fingerprint reader we've got a single camera we'll talk about the specs in a moment
Body Design & Display
on the right side we have a power sleep wake button and a volume button and it's got a nice clicky feel to it and this button is sort of a bluish green colour on the bottom it looks like we've got two speakers and a usb-c jack on the left hand side there's nothing really other than a sim card tray slot so let's open that up now inside the sim card tray slot is just room for one sim card there's no expandable storage but for the price you get 128 gigabytes of storage so that's pretty good and then on the top we have a micro phone and a headphone jack which you don't see too often so for $350 you get this if you want to wait for a 5g version that will ship this fall for 4.99 now internally we have Qualcomm snapdragon 730 with six gigabytes of ram and then on the front we have a 5.81 inch 2340 by 1080 443 pixel per inch OLED display it supports HDR and uses Gorilla glass 3 so it's a step back but gorilla glass 3 is pretty hard and should resist scratches pretty well
Camera & Video 
on the front we have an 8 megapixel f2.0 fixed focus lens with 1080p 30 video and on the back we have a 12.2 megapixel f 1.7 with optical image stabilisation dual pixel phase detect autofocus camera with 4k 30 video
Tech Specs
  • Display -Full-screen 147.6 mm (5.8") display 
  • Dimensions and weight- 144 h x 69.4 w x 8.2 d (mm)
  • Battery- 3140 mAh
  • Memory and storage- 6 GB x RAM, 128 GB storage
  • Processors- Qualcomm Snapdragon 7304
  • Rear camera -12.2 MP dual-pixel, 1.4 MP width • Auto-focus with dual pixel phase detection
  • Front camera - 8 MP • 1.12 μm pixel size, ƒ/2.0 aperture • Fixed focus
  • Video- Rear camera: 1080p @ 30 fps, 60 fps, 120 fps, 720p @ 30 fps, 60 fps, 240 fps
  • Sensors- Proximity/ambient light sensor, Accelerometer/pyrometer
  • Charging- USB-C 18 W adaptor with USB-PD 2.0 • 18 W fast charging
  • Buttons and ports- USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1, 3.5 mm audio jack, Power button
  • SIMs- Single nano SIM also eSIM6
  • Media & Audio- Stereo speakers, Two microphones, Noise suppression
  • Wireless and Location- Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz Bluetooth 5.0 
  • Colours- Just Black 
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility- M3/T4 HAC Rating 
  • Security and OS Updates- The latest Android 10 + new Google Assistant with Lens11
  • Body Materials- Polycarbonate unibody  Corning Gorilla Glass 3 cover glass
Detail Comparison
it's a nice edge to edge display and to give you a size comparison with say the iphone SE which i think is it's going to be its main competitor it's very similarly sized it's a little bit bigger the display has a higher resolution and pixel density but it seems about the same size so again next to the pixel 4 xl you'll see the screen size, Transferring Data now its easy just plug in our old phone and transfer data from old pixel 4 xl to this device now once says getting account info says checking for data and then we can choose what we want to copy or not copy so photos and videos i don't need to copy those and let's go ahead and hit copy and it will move everything over so we'll wait for this to finish completely copied from my pixel 4a or 4xl
Now the battery in this is 3140 milliamp hours many people that have used it already are saying that it's better than what we had with the pixel 4xl which is great, one of the great things about this is it gets all of the latest updates, it seems to be that we're going to get all these updates just like you would expect with a pixel device but the overall usability of this seems to be pretty good most of the time it's really fast it does feel a little bit slower due to maybe that slower refresh rate than we have on the 4xl for example so if i just scroll through the the app drawer here you'll see it's a little bit smoother on the 4xl due to that 90 hertz refresh rate but we have 60 hertz on the pixel 4a and that's good enough for most in fact every iphone has 60 hertz so it seems to be doing okay and then i tried out a couple different apps we'll take a look at a couple games in a moment but if we take a look at the camera the cameras are pretty interesting we only have a forward-facing camera that's got a fixed focus so you can see here it's fixed and maybe i'll go to video and it will record 1080p so this is the 1080p video from the forward-facing camera of the pixel 4a and so i'm not sure how it sounds but it's probably not as good as this microphone but it may sound halfway decent.
now as far as the rear facing camera the rear camera should record in 4k, video stabilization which it has that's builtin and of course we've got 4k like i said so advanced and then you can do raw plus jpeg control we'll go back here go back and you can do 16 by nine crop 
now let's go to video mode and take a look at those settings quick you'll see we've got 4k at 30p like i said and again framing and things like that so you've got all of those different settings as well as frequent faces so it will recognise as well 

now let's take a look at some of the photos and videos from this camera and see how they look compared to say the pixel 4 xl as well as maybe the iphone se for a quick comparison now other than the cameras the display on this phone is actually HDR like i said earlier so if we go to one of my videos you'll see that we have1080p HRD we don't have 1440 or 4k but we do have HDR so if i rotate this hit play the speakers are actually decent too, we have stereo speakers from the top earpiece here and the bottom as well it sounds pretty decent and it's better than i expected from a budget phone of this price 

now as far as gaming i'm sure quite a few people will want to try that out so let's go into asphalt 9 as well as we'll try call of duty in a moment but you'll see we'll resume here and you can seethe frame rate so i played around with this a little bitt hey do sometimes slow down a little bit you'll see as i drift i had to start this game over, it seems to be okay but occasionally it has a little bit of a hiccup as you can see now if we go back home and try out a game like call of duty we'll wait for it to load now i'm in call of duty mobile and i just wanted to show you the frame rates it seems to be very playable i don't really see any issues here although occasionally it seems to have a slight slowdown but the screen is vibrant and you saw the little hiccup there, it seems to be okay overall
Feature You Don't Find 
now the only thing that this phone doesn't seem to have that some people may care about is there's no dual cameras on the back like the pixel 4 xl there's also no wireless charging so you will have to use the usb-c on the bottom for most people that won't be a problem but it doesn't have those features i wish they would have included that coil since those are fairly inexpensive from what i understand but other than that it doesn't have that and it has 802.11 abgnand ac there is no wi-fi six
Feature You Do Find & Conclusion
so it's not really a bad price for all of the other features that you're getting a decent display and Camera Quality is Decent, everything else and then of course that battery that i mentioned earlier 3140 milliamp hours i expect it to get at-least through a day from what i'm seeing online of course and so battery usage of course has only been used for a little bit since i've been setting this up and using it for the games during video but it seems like it should get through a day without a problem for $349.

i would definitely check it out now you'll also get three years of software updates with pixel devices and you've got a year warranty so i would definitely check one out if you wanted a budget phone that actually seems to perform pretty well will run all of your basic social media apps and things like that fairly smoothly and has a pretty decent camera for the money i don't know that you can distinguish this camera from the pixel 4 xl based on the photos i showed you don't have that squeeze for google assistant but other than that it's a pretty good deal but let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below, Subscribe For More Articles.

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