iPhone 12 Apple Live Event October 2020 !! What to Expect?

iphone 12 there have been a ton of leaks last night in fact it looks like we know almost all there is to know about the upcoming iphone 12. 
We already know that Apple's iPhone 12 Lineup is coming at Apple event October 13th 2020, But what about other products? What about Apple Silicon Macs? 🤔
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iPhone 12 Apple Live Event October 2020 !! What to Expect?

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Do you really need 5G on your iPhone 12? 

Apple has finally announced their October 13th event where they'll be announcing their brand new iPhone 12 lineup.

Where TO Watch how much time left ? See BELOW!

For those of you from outside of Pacific Time, the below countdown timer will tell you how long is left until the event starts.

You can watch apple October event 2020 on 
  • apple TV
  • Official Apple YouTube Channel
  • Apple's US site

In this article, I discuss all of the features we should be expecting and which models and sizes we're expecting as well.
so on the 13th maybe we'll have iOS 14.1 on that day, so all of those leaks have come out about the iphone 12, 12 mini, 12 pro & 12 pro max and i'm looking forward to them the prices are expected thankfully they're not 1000 dollar or 1500 to 2000 dollar seems like they'll be much more reasonable and basically what we expect.

 so if it has all of those specs now there's no news about 120 hertz display so maybe they'll leave that out for some people that's going to be a big deal for others not so much since iOS is fairly smooth to begin with but we'll have to wait and see what apple has to say if they do surprise us with that it would be great to see and finally if you were looking forward to those MacBook pros or MacBooks with apple silicon in them at this event according to mark german today it seems like apple's going to have another event in November where they're going to show off the new apple silicon along with the new MacBooks so don't   expect them in the event on Tuesday so we won't see those until the next month
iPhone 12 Apple Live Event October 2020 !! What to Expect?
I also take a look at some other rumoured Apple products that we should expect to see be announced on 13th October 2020 event live, and what else Apple will be focusing on at the event.

There's potential for Apple's AirTags, Apple's AirPods Studio, the Apple AirPower charging mat, the HomePod and HomePod Mini, and much more!

I also discuss Apple Silicon Macs and the 2020 iPad Pro with A14X and potentially a new Apple TV and when we can see that get announced!
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