Fortnite Ban!! By Apple & Google, Why ?? and How to Install Fortnite In Phones, ipad & tablet??

Fortnite, this is one of the most popular game after pubG, Recently it has been removed from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. In this response, creator of fortnite, Epic Games, has claimed a lawsuit against both apple and google, 

Fortnite Ban!! By Apple & Google, Why ?? and How to Install Fortnite In Phones, ipad & tablet??

Can we able to play Fortnite on your phone, tablet or pad? For more Check out the video below 

Why did Apple ban/Removed Fortnite?

The ban was basically reason by Epic Games, this is all protest over for purchases of fees Apple, and to a lesser extent Google's, when users buy in-game items or currency on mobile transaction. Epic Games inc. has there own in-app payment system inside game that bypassed Apple’s fees  – Apple's typical a cut of is between 15 to 30 per cent on payments made inside all apps.

When any players purchased the game’s inside game currency “V-bucks”, & a new “Epic Direct Payment Option” will occurs below in Apple App Store Payment option. This used to offered them a 30 per cent discount price  for the players. Currently  Apple and Google's payment options collect a 30 per cent fee, 

thats why Apple has removed Fortnite from the App Store for violating apple's policies.Google soon will do the same though on Android we can still download Fortnite by using Epic’s own AppStore , which can install through any mobile web browser.

How did Epic Inc. responded?

Legal complaint seeks to establish Apple's App Store as monopoly, and Apples removal of app like Fortnite is one more example of Apple showing its enormous power to impose unreasonable restraints & unlawfully maintain there 100 per cent monopoly on the iOS in-app payment processing marketplace, by which has been said Epic in there statement.

Can you play Fortnite on Apple and Android devices?

Yes you can , if ever downloaded before fortnite game. this ban only stops new users who wants to downloads the game. 

Incase you already downloaded Fortnite via the App Store, you will have no problem playing games Chapter 2 - Season 3 – may be you’re only playing on mobile devices or may be playing the latest Fortnite version on any devices, Epic has stated on there FAQ section of there own website. Problem now is , new people will not be able to access any new content or the new Battle Pass for now.

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